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Global Education Consultancy is an association of consultants of versatile genius & intellectual luminaries, which has come to light at the instance of Mr. Ramdulal Manna, with an object to provide proper guidance for admission in MBBS & MARINE ENGINEERING course without any capitation, proper parental care & affection to the students in abroad and always to stand for their cause.

During legal practice Mr. Manna having realised that many parents have enormously been cheated by the unscrupulous agents and/or touts for having their wards admitted in MBBS & MARINE ENGINEERING course and the students have also been bond to returned their home after being cheated and/or harassed by the so called agents and/or touts and Mr. Manna also having experienced that without capitation amounting not less than 70-80 Laks, an aspirant student for MBBS & MARINE ENGINEERING Education will not get admission in MBBS & MARINE ENGINEERING course, Mr. Manna discussed his idea to start an Education Consultancy and thus the Global Education Consultancy has come to light with the active support & assistance of his associates namely (a) Mr. Ranajit Manna (b). Mr. Ananta Kumar Dalapati (c). Mr. Arabinda Roychoudhury (d). Mr. Tarun Kumar Ghosh & (e). Dr. Bishnu Pada Dutta and others to provide Consultancy to the aspirants of MBBS & MARINE ENGINEERING education in abroad.

Mr. Ramdulal Manna, B. Sc, L.LB, Chief-Consultant, Global Education Consultancy, Ex-Managing Director, Rajdeep Moulds (P) Ltd and an eminent legal practitioner in the High Court at Calcutta.

Mr. Arabinda Roychoudhury, M.Com, L.LB, An Associated Consultant, Global Education Consultancy and an eminent legal practitioner in the High Court at Calcutta

Mr. Ananta Dalapati, Manager, Global Education Consultancy.

Mr. Ranajit Manna, B.A.System Manager,Global Education Consultancy, Ex-Manager, Rajdeep Moulds (P) Ltd,


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