GEC aims to prepare the best doctors/marine engineers with humanity to serve the mankind. GEC intends to educate students from the best universities in Philippines, which are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Counsel of India (MCI), Commission for Higher Education and Development (CHED), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and International Medical Education Directory (IMED).

GEC is an Authorized Consultant and having all valid authorized certificates of quality.

GEC has its own hostel, separately for boys and girls and takes care of each and every student like a MOTHER.

GEC got its spacious & clean canteen with all kind of hygienic Indian food and beverages.

GEC takes parents of students and make them visit the top officials of the universities It shows all facilities of GEC and also keeps open mind to accept their suggestions, if any, from parents.

GEC got deep relationship with educational officials and higher authorities in the state machinery.

Those, who are willing to be settled in USA or other countries, have a golden opportunity to chose Philippines through GMEC because, Philippines is believed to be a 'Golden Gate of the USA'.

GEC makes a full Legal Agreement with students and their parents before enrolling them for Philippine Universities.

Before choosing medical education service, GEC overview many things including educational system, educational facilities, security levels, government rules and regulations, MCI practices etc and then created the atmosphere and network there which is suitable to all students with a close eye on each and every student, whether in hostel or outside. This is called a quality service.

GEC considers the Medical Education as a field of service & power. It does not lure students and their parents by any falsity. instead it shows the true amount of entire fee structure in the first meeting with the parents and students.

GEC takes special steps to ensure the highest passing per cent of its MBBS students in MCI through special training & extra classes for screening tests and also got speciality of taking care of students constantly for the full study period.

There is no need of being afraid of nuisances in Philippines, especially when sending the girl students because GEC takes care of the Girl's Hostel.